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Domestic battery charges, misdemeanor or felony, can be filed against a person who is believed to have committed an act of battery upon a spouse, former spouse, fiancé, or a current or former dating partner. These charges may be filed if another party claims that battery occurred, even in cases when the alleged victim claims a red mark on the skin was the result of a physical attack.

In some cases, the accusation is false, and the accusation made in an effort to gain custody of shared children or punish the other party in a difficult breakup. If you have been falsely accused of domestic battery or were forced to protect yourself against a physical attack and were then accused of domestic battery, you need legal representation from a San Diego domestic battery lawyer immediately. Call The Law Firm of George H. Ramos, Jr. at once.

Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charges: Penalties

Under the California Penal Code 243 (e) 1, when domestic battery is believed to have been committed, a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge will be filed. In a majority of cases, these charges are filed as a felony, and require extensive punishments in a conviction, and an array of other consequences which will change your life forever:

  • Up to a year in county jail
  • Two, four, or six years in state prison
  • Up to $2,000 in fines
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Loss of the right to own a firearm
  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Loss of your reputation and standing in the community

False Accusations of Domestic Battery

It is an unfortunate fact that these charges can be filed based upon false accusations. The prosecutor must prove certain elements to gain a conviction:

  • That an unlawful use of force or violence was inflicted upon a current or former intimate partner.
  • The force was inflicted upon the “person” of the alleged victim, which could include clothing, vehicle, or any item attached to or connected to that person.
  • The act was “willful,” and that you intended to inflict harm.

How We Can Help

If you are charged with domestic battery, the actions taken in the early stages can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. San Diego domestic violence defense attorney George H. Ramos, Jr. is among the most experienced domestic battery defense attorneys serving in the San Diego area, and should he take on your case, will move forward to seek any possible advantage, including:

  • Dropped charges: If you have been falsely accused and the evidence fails to support the charges, Mr. Ramos will seek to get the charges against you dropped.
  • Reduced charges: It may be possible to reduce the level of the charge against you. As attorney Ramos has worked closely with San Diego prosecutors throughout his long and illustrious career, he is well-versed in the strategies needed to seek to reduce the level of the charges against you reduced.
  • Trial defense: Mr. Ramos is an experienced trial lawyer, and will craft a persuasive case for your defense, fully supported by testimony and evidence, presented professionally, and with confidence, which can lead to a not guilty verdict.
  • Reduced sentence: The sentencing imposed by the court can vary, and the judge has discretion in what is imposed. Mr. Ramos employs effective methods and techniques to seek to reduce the sentence imposed, including fines, jail time, or other penalties.

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If you are accused of committing domestic battery, a charge or conviction can be life-changing. Your future freedom, reputation, and access to your home and children are at risk. Contact The Law Firm of George H. Ramos, Jr. at once for help. Mr. Ramos has an exceptional level of experience, on both sides of the aisle, and formerly served as a Supervising Attorney at the Child Abuse/Domestic Violence Unit in San Diego. Call today for a free case consultation with our San Diego domestic battery attorney.