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San Diego Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you are accused of committing an act of domestic violence, your freedom, reputation, and access to your family, possessions, children, and home are all at risk. At The Law Firm of George H. Ramos, Jr., we aggressively defend against a range of domestic violence charges. Attorney George H. Ramos, Jr. is widely regarded as being among the most effective and successful domestic violence defense lawyers serving in the San Diego area.

How We Can Help You

The legal options that we can pursue in defending you against criminal accusations of a domestic violence offense may include:

  • Dropped charges: If you have been falsely accused or the prosecutor has very little evidence, Mr. Ramos will demand that the charges against you are dropped, leaving your life and reputation intact
  • Reduced charges: Attorney Ramos has worked closely with prosecutors throughout his career and can negotiate to have domestic violence charges drastically reduced to help you avoid more serious consequences
  • Trial defense: As an experienced San Diego domestic violence defense attorney and a skilled trial lawyer, if your case is presented in court you can be confident that every possible legal strategy will be employed, including motions to suppress to limit the prosecution’s case against you
  • Reduced sentence: The court has discretion in sentencing, and Mr. Ramos is exceptionally skilled in the most effective techniques to reduce the level of the penalties imposed

Experience Matters

Mr. Ramos is a former prosecuting attorney, who, during his years of service, focused exclusively on prosecuting spousal abuse, while training other prosecutors and law enforcement on the most effective prosecution techniques. This allows him to accurately predict the prosecution’s actions, and craft a well-documented, persuasive case for the defense.

As one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys serving in the San Diego area, you can be confident that your case will be handled with the highest level of legal skill. There is no question that his former award-winning service as a Supervising Attorney at the Child Abuse/Domestic Violence Unit can be of great benefit if you are accused of committing a domestic violence offense.

Charges and Penalties for Domestic Violence

Under the California Penal Code 1203.097, an array of penalties can be imposed upon those who are convicted of domestic violence. For misdemeanor charges, the penalties may include up to a year of incarceration, 36 months of probation which includes community service, attending a “batterer’s program” to completion, fines and payments to a battered women’s shelter up to $5,000, and an array of other personal and financial repercussions. In felony domestic violence convictions, the penalties imposed can include up to five years in state prison and fines up to $10,000 or more.

Domestic Violence Defense: Cases We Handle

Criminal Threats: Under California Penal Code 422 (a), it is a crime to threaten to commit a crime that could result in bodily injury or death. Just the act of being accused of making such a threat can lead to a criminal charge under this statute. The law allows for charges to be filed if a threat is made verbally, in writing, or with electronic communications such as phone, text, or email. If the recipient claims to have been in sustained fear for his or her safety or that of the immediate family, a charge can be filed against you, with penalties including up to a year in jail or state prison for up to one year.

Child Endangerment: Under California Penal Code 273a, it is a crime to “willfully cause or permit any child to suffer, or inflicts thereon unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or willfully causes or permits that child to be placed in a situation where his or her person or health may be endangered, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

If you are under investigation in a case of child endangerment, you are at risk of paying a heavy price in a conviction, with up to $1,000 in fines, one year of incarceration in county jail, and four years on probation. It is imperative that you are represented by a defense attorney who has an exceptional level of legal experience defending these cases

Restraining Orders: A restraining order with your name on it will limit your access to your home, your possessions, and your children. A restraining order may be issued if your spouse, domestic partner, family member, child, or a person you have dated or shared a home with claims to be in fear of harm.

These orders are issued quickly when an alleged victim claims they have been a victim of physical violence, were threatened with physical violence, were stalked, harassed, sexually assaulted or molested, or verbally abused. It is imperative that false accusations are addressed immediately to seek to get the restraining order lifted, or other defense strategy employed to reduce the damage to your reputation, access to your family or home, and your freedom

Emergency Protective Orders and Criminal Protective Orders: An emergency protective order (or EPO), is issued by a judge at the request of a law enforcement officer in cases in which the officer believes a person is in danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence, child abuse, abduction, or elder abuse. These orders are temporary, valid for up to seven days, after which a restraining order must be filed

Child Abuse: Being accused of an act of child abuse is a very serious legal matter. Just the accusation that you committed child abuse can seriously damage your reputation, even if you are innocent. In some cases, a person is falsely accused of this crime in an acrimonious divorce or breakup. The first action to take is to engage an experienced child abuse defense lawyer – your future freedom, reputation, and ability to practice your profession may depend upon it

Domestic Battery: Domestic battery is defined under CA Penal Code 243(e)(1). These are cases in which it is alleged that a person committed battery against a spouse, a relationship partner, a parent of your child, a former spouse, fiancée, or a current or former dating partner. The penalties imposed in a conviction include fines up to $2,000, and imprisonment up to one year, or both.

Get Legal Help You Can Trust

If you have been charged with an act of domestic violence, or are being questioned by police or investigators, it is imperative that your rights are protected. Your fist act must be engaging the services of a domestic violence defense attorney with access to the resources you need to protect your rights, freedom, and reputation. Attorney Ramos offers the scope of professional support, including private detectives to seek evidence to support your defense

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If you have been contacted by police or charged with a domestic violence offense, contact The Law Firm of George H. Ramos, Jr. immediately. Exercise your right to remain silent and contact our San Diego domestic violence lawyers – our work is geared to reduce the damage to your life and reputation. Call now.

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